Q. What is the deposit amount in order to reserve a room? When is the remaining balance due?
A. $1000 (varies by date and event type). Room rental 2 months from event and balance due one week before event.

Q. What is the time frame for my event on a Saturday? On a Sunday? On a Friday?
A. 9 am to midnight on Saturday, 9 am to midnight on Sunday(or 9 am to 3:30 pm or 4 pm to midnight), and 4 pm to 1 am on Friday(or 12 pm to 1 am).

Q. What am I responsible to clean up after the wedding?
A. You have to take down or remove whatever you bring in and/or hang on the walls or from the rafters(no nails, pens or staples) . Unless you have trash, we will give you a can for it and we will take it down to the dumpster.

Q. I know meal gratuity is 10% on buffets and 10% on served meals. What is the 15% min for other services?
A. The 15% gratuity is for any other service we provide beyond dinner. For example: open bar or cut and serve cake.

Q. How many people per table? How are they set up if the wedding is inside?
A. There are 8 people per table except for your head table. If the wedding is inside, the middle will be left open for you to walk down.

Q. What is the name of the Champagne I bought for the toast? Is that 7 bottles of champagne and 4 bottles of cider?
A. The champagne is an institutional brand called William Wycliffe. The 7 champagnes and 4 ciders are what we normally recommend for 100 people. We will adjust the count at our final meeting based on the number of people that RSVP.

Q. Are the soft drinks, tea, and coffee served for the whole event? One form says dinner, the other says whole event…
A. They are included with the dinner, noted from the menu. The beverage pack line on the invoice extends that to include the entire event.

Q. What is the hors d' oeuvres menu? When do hors d' oeuvres start and end?
A. The hors d' oeuvres include: a vegetable platter with ranch dressing for dipping, salami and crackers, cream cheese with a flavored topping for spreading on crackers, and 2 hot items per person. The hors d' oeuvres will start right after the ceremony and go for up to 1 hour.

Q. What happens if my estimated count of 100 drops due to people not coming?
A. You will be billed for the number of people you guarantee at our final meeting where you pay the bill. If those people RSVP and do not show up you get to take the food home.

Q. Is it possible to come taste the food that will be served?
A. Yes! We do have food tastings when we are serving those items. We want you to experience the food the way the guests will.

Q. Can we place ribbons on each chair if we want to?
A. You can put ribbons on the chairs as long as it doesn't damage them.

Q. Do you have any bakeries or photographers in Manteca you refer people to?
A. We like Burgess Bakery in Ripon at 209-599-9359 and for photographers we like Helena at Autums's Photography 209-450-9721, Tiffany at Ever After Photography 209-221-6885, About Face Photography at 209-239-3127, Dawn Kelly Photography at 209-324-3603, Jamie at Bubble Wood at 251-234-0959, and Ruby C Photography at (925) 642-6605.

Q. Looking at the place settings on your photo gallery, do you provide the water glasses, glass plates, etc? I just decorate the tables, correct?
A. All meals are served on china (on the buffet for buffet meals or at the table for served meals), white linen tablecloths, white paper napkins for all lunches and Economy Dinner Buffets, and white linen napkins for served dinners and Deluxe Dinner Buffets , silverware (on the buffet for buffet lunches), water glasses and pitchers, and salt and pepper on the table.

Q. What are the soft drinks and tea served in?
A. Beverages are served in glass before the meal is served, and Styrofoam cups will be used at the end of the meal after the plates are picked up. Hors d' oeuvre only events are served in Styrofoam unless other arrangements are made.

Q. Can we bring in a cake or dessert?
A. Yes, if we cut it there is a $1.00, plus 15% Gratuity. We serve it on china with a fork. You may bring your own plates and forks and cut it yourself.

Q. Are there in parking fees?
A. No.

Q. Can we bring in outside alcohol?
A. Wine only and there is an $11.50 corkage fee.

Q. Do you have colored linens available?
A. Yes, we have a limited selection available. If your meal came with paper napkins you can always upgrade.

Q. When is the final count due?
A. The final count is due 8 days before your event.

Q. Are we allowed to use candles?
A. Yes, as long as the flame is below the top of the container they are in.

Q. Are there any restrictions for the photographer?
A. Not inside the building. On the golf course there is a special area for pictures. Any other areas on the course are at the discretion of the golf operation.

Q. Are there any additional costs, cleaning fees, insurance waivers etc…?
A. Insurance is not required but the person who is on the contract is responsible for any damage.

Q. Is there a minimum spending requirement for food and beverages? If so, are there consequences for not fulfilling the food and beverage minimum?
A. $2000 for food and beverage on Saturday, varies on other days. Depends how far from $2000 they are.